Distinguishing Yourself from Other Chiropractors – Marketing Tips to Reach Your Ideal Patient

What makes you different from the 52,599 other chiropractors in the United States?

More important: What makes you different from the 100 other chiropractors your prospective patient passes as she travels from home from work?

When preparing your marketing plan** and materials, take into careful consideration your skills, experience, philosophy, education, and interests, and how the unique combination makes you more valuable to your target market – your ideal patient.

Now, convey that unique combo to your prospect in ways that are meaningful to the prospect, based on their needs and values.  Here are some examples:

Does your ideal patient value education?

  • If so, and if you earned an undergrad degree before your professional degree, be sure to include the extra two letters on you biography on your website, and on your business card.  Why?  Many chiropractic schools still do not require an undergrad degree for admission to their D.C. program. The few schools that require a bachelor’s degree for admission only began this prerequisite a relatively short time ago.
  • If you earned an undergrad degree in a field seemingly unrelated, consider how that makes you more marketable to your target market.  Drama or English? History or International Business? Do your prospects have similar interests? How can you use that to your advantage?
  • Likewise, be sure to list on your bio web page the various post-grad workshops and seminars you completed.

Does your prospect value Volunteerism and Charity?

  • To what community projects have you donated your time and energy?
  • To what charity do you donate your service and/or financial support?

Does your prospect value Religion or Spirituality?

  •  If your religion or spirituality is an important part of your life, you are likely to be able to reach like-minded people, including prospective patients, more easily than physicians of a different faith/mindset/believe system.
    • I know of a couple (soon to be husband and wife) chiropractors who are very active with their Christian church and they have welcomed many patients from their church.
    • Another chiropractor friend is quite active with yoga and energetics and attracts patients who share those interests.
  • Caution: While you may be interested in attracting patients of like-mind, you probably don’t want to turn away a patient who does not share your perspective. Natural attrition will occur eventually as they will be attracted to a doc whose belief system is more closely aligned with their own.

Other distinguishing factors:

  • Language and culture
  • Undergrad alma mater
  • Hometown origin
  • Affiliation with a cause
  • Membership in professional organizations, such as Chamber of Commerce or local economic development group

** If you do not have a marketing plan and you are ready to develop one for your practice, complete and submit this questionnaire to get started!

Practicing at a Wider Scope – Why PostureSuite is Great for You, Too!

If you are licensed where you have a broader scope of practice, learn how and why PostureSuite can be of significant value to you, too!

As most of us know,  chiropractic scopes of practice vary from State to State of the USA and in different countries.  Likewise, different chiropractic programs of study reflect the scope governed by the licensing body and the philosophy of the program founders.

Spinal screenings can be used effectively almost without regard for a chiropractor’s philosophy as long as you include musculoskeletal assessments and treatments in your practice.

Even if musculoskeletal is not your focus!  

Why?  Think in terms of getting new patients to your office/clinic:  What do most people know about chiropractic? They “know” that chiropractors work on backs. They may or may not know that an Illinois chiropractor has a wider scope of practice than a chiro in Indiana, for example, or that you do nutrition therapy and Applied Kinesiology! They may have no clue about homeopathy or Kinesio Tape. They don’t need to know the tools in your toolbox, they only need to know you can help them!

Before you can help them with whatever tools you have in your toolbox, you need to get them through your door!

When you hold a screening event in your office*, people will come in for what they “know” you do.  Once they have their screening they schedule a new patient visit.  That’s when you can feel free to share with them whole health concepts, education programs, and your various treatment modalities, as you deem appropriate.

Keep that in mind as you read our free eBook: Spinal Screenings for Docs Who Hate Spinal Screenings.  Don’t have it, yet?  Request your free download here.

*If you don’t have staff, or if you’d like us to train your staff or run the event for you, we have marketing service packages available for purchase along with the PostureSuite software.  Check out our package options here.

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